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FREE Small Percussion Library

Vienna Symphonic Library's free collection includes percussion instruments that are small enough to be held and played with ease, but they pack a powerful punch in terms of the rhythm and sound. Their versatility and unique timbres add texture and rhythm to a wide range of musical styles, from world and folk music to jazz and orchestral arrangements, and electronic music.

The following instruments are laid out over seven octaves of the keyboard: Boobams

Tambourine Woodblocks CastanetsClaves Caxixi Shaker SplashTriangle Finger cymbals Crotales

Each instrument sits on its own track of the Synchron Players’s internal mixer. All instruments are pre-configured and ideally placed at the back of the virtual Synchron Stage Vienna, from the claves and woodblocks on the left to the tambourine and boobams on the right. Mixer Presets include close, classic and distant settings using convolution reverb based on our Vienna MIR technology, or algorithmic reverb tails.

The instruments were recorded in our second studio, the Silent Stage, which offers a tight, controlled ambience. Using the “unprocessed” preset without any reverb and placement, you can use these instruments completely dry, place them anywhere in the stereo field, and add any reverb of your choice.

System Requirement

Requires Vienna Symphonic Library's free dedicated player

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