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FREE Synth for Windows Users

Quentin is 3 (totally independent) 3 ocillators synth with a unique speciality in polyrhythmical sequences thanks to the newly modeled 999 built-in seeded rhythms arppeggiator, a fexible 32 steps trance gate and 9 BPM driven LFO motors.

The synth

The synth itself is a hybrid subtractive synth with 3 totally independent hybrid oscillators with 2 morphed wavetables (wavetable + pad osc), character engine, unison engine (spread), analog dirt engine, 11 types of filter, eq per wavetable and a modulation envelope.

The chords arpeggiator

The arp is based on built-in 999 arppeggios that can be switched on the fly or randomized. Their special "super power" is recognizing a played chord and spreading the arppeggios midi notes according to the pressed keys. They also support sequence complexity by jumping between higher or lower octaves and by using the "ply" feature wich adding more notes to the sequence.

The trance gate

The trance gate is quite standard with control over time, smooth and number of steps.

The MLFO (motorised LFO)

The MLFO is quite similar to polyphony driven LFO, but with it's own twist: it controls the knobs directly instead of the poly signal. This way almost any signicant feature in the synth can be wall controled by quentin's 9 LFOs. The MLFO can work in both ad hok and synced to the DAW's b,p.m


1. 3 independent oscillators, each with separated filters, eq's, character editor. amp and modulation envelops, divided in to 2 sections: traditional wavetables and pad.

2. Chords arppeggiator with 999 seeded arppeggios, octave range and timing controls and ply generator.

3. Trancegate

4. Motorized LFO containing 9 LFOs

5. 6 Built-in effects with separate control over each oscillator

6. Mono mode including portamento featur

7. resizable GUI

System Requirement

Quentin is Available for Windows Users

Download Here

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