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Hard Techno Serum and Construction Kits on Sale at Glitchedtones.

Price : £18

Introducing Hard Techno - the ultimate arsenal for crafting relentless beats and electrifying rhythms that will captivate audiences in underground warehouse raves, open-air festivals, and colossal mainstage events. Dive deep into the pulsating realm of Hard Techno with this meticulously curated Serum preset and sample pack.Designed for producers craving raw energy and unyielding drive, Hard Techno offers 60 cutting-edge Serum presets meticulously crafted to elevate your productions to new heights. From bone-crushing basslines to mind-bending FX, searing leads to atmospheric pads, and razor-sharp plucks, each preset is imbued with the unmistakable essence of Hard Techno. With intuitively assigned macros, you'll wield unparalleled control over every sonic aspect, enabling seamless customization and infinite sound sculpting possibilities.But that's not all.

Hard Techno goes beyond presets, delivering 5 full Construction Kits packed with meticulously crafted loops, potent one-shots, and versatile MIDI files. Whether you're constructing thunderous grooves or crafting intricate arrangements, these Construction Kits provide every element you need to ignite the dancefloor and propel your tracks to the forefront of the Hard Techno movement. With tempos ranging from 150 to 160 BPM, these kits are perfectly suited for the high-energy demands of the genre.With Hard Techno, you'll harness the raw power and relentless drive synonymous with the genre, empowering you to create tracks that captivate audiences and dominate dancefloors. Fuel your creative fire and immerse yourself in the exhilarating world of Hard Techno today.

Contents60 Serum Presets

  • 5 Acid Bass

  • 10 Bass

  • 10 FX

  • 15 Leads

  • 5 Pads

  • 5 Plucks

  • 10 Synth

5 Construction Kits

  • 104 Loops

  • 61 Oneshots (Drums, Bass, Synth)

  • 29 MIDI

  • 5 Mixdown Demos

  • 2 Full Product Demos (WAV & MP3)

Total Files

  • 261

System Requirements

  • Latest version of Serum for the presets

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