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Hollance Releases Free Saturation and Filter Plugin.

Price : FREE

This is a combination low-pass filter and saturation plug-in. It's based on the 1€ Filter, an adaptive filter designed to balance jitter and lag in noisy input for interactive systems. When applied to audio, this filter dynamically adds harmonics in an interesting way.


  • KRUNCH The higher this is dialed up, the more the sound will be filtered. But even at low values it will already add crunch.

  • MIX The effect works best when some dry signal is mixed in. For example, set KRUNCH to 75% and MIX to 50% to make kicks stand out more.

  • OUT Since this is a filter, the output signal may end up being a tad quieter. Compensate the drop in loudness with this slider.

  • OVS Enable oversampling. Gives a cleaner result because fewer aliases, but if you think aliases have a charm of their own you may want to leave this disabled.

  • BYP Bypass the plug-in for A/B testing.

Suggested workflow: Set MIX to 100%, dial KRUNCH to where it sounds nasty, then reduce MIX again to bring some of the high end back. Toggle BYP to compare and bring up OUT to equalize the loudness. Adding just a bit of subtle saturation is usually enough!

System Support

▷ Mac and Windows

▷ VST3 | AU

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