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Hornet Plugins TrackUtility MK2 is FREE for 24 Hours !

TrackUtility MK2 is a swiss army knife for audio, it features different useful processors that you would otherwise need to find loading many plugins in a handy and logic GUI that you can keep on your screen together with other plugins.

When you need to change a track from stereo to mono, remove DC, pan, trim, etc. TrackUtility MK2 is there for you.

Thanks to the limiter in the output section, the stereo wideness control, that can also act as a fake stereo simulator, and to the auto gain RMS mode TrackUtility is also very useful on the master bus for quick mastering. Set the RMS to your desired maximum level, engage the auto gain and the limiter. Set the stereo image to taste, here is a quick mastering recipe.

Building on the strength of the previous version TrackUtility MK2 adds a very handy grouping function to allow for the change of any parameter to a whole bunch of instances at once, revamp the RMS meter with a freely adjustable windows, include the latest auto gain algorithm and borrows the limiter code straight from Magnus, allowing you to choose three different auto release times.

Price : FREE (For 17 Hours Only)


  • Track muting.

  • DC removal.

  • Channel Selector (work on L + R or just L or R or invert L and R).

  • Phase reversal (separate for L and R channels).

  • Gain adjustment (from -60dB to +60dB).

  • Auto Gain adjustment in Peak and RMS mode.

  • Pan control.

  • Stereo width control that acts as fake stereo simulator on mono tracks.

  • Output clipper.

  • Magnus Output limiter with three different auto release times.

  • Peak output meter.

  • RMS output meter with adjustable window analysis length.

  • Grouping function to change setting s to many instances at once.

System Support

  • macOS (10.11 and later) and Windows support.

  • Apple Silicon native support.

  • 64-bit only on both on Mac and Windows.

  • Audio Units VST2.4, VST3, AAX format.

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