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Juke and Footwork from UNDRGRND is £5 at Loopmasters !

Price : £5

Classic Chicago-style dance music combining the best of house and hip hop! We present the electronic hybrid which spawned a dance style, record collective, and international sound revolution in the late 00s, inspiring everyone from Kanye West to Justice in the process.

Gathering influences from soul sampling hip hop, MPC sub-bass trickery, and the raw aesthetics of early mid-western dance music, expect a collection that proudly represents Chicago. Spanning the swagger of juke pioneers like DJ Bone and DJ Assault all the way up to the gold-standard sound of RP Boo & DJ Rashad’s “Double Cup” - this rough ’n’ ready collection is primed to spit bars on top of or warp into your next broken-beat masterpiece at 140 BPM.

Drum Loops > Hip house rhythms, broken OG beats, and sub-powered deconstructed electronic workouts! 100+ juke and footwork beats at 140 BPM and served with all constituent stems where possible.

Synth Loops > Wonderfully warped chord stabs, roughly resampled organs, and strictly funky analogue leads! A smorgasbord of dusty synth loops served at 140 BPM with all key information and MIDI attached.

Music Loops > Original acoustic recordings and 70s funk instrumentals have been resampled for 100% authentic house, juke, and footwork productions. Bursting with the sexual musicality that is the staple of all juke classics. 

Pad Loops > Mysterious, murky, and magnificent pads to create intrigue and depth. Ideal for layering an existing broken beat or transitioning from one section to another. Served at 140 BPM with all relevant key tags and MIDI where possible.

Bass Loops > Naughty subs, dank acid-loops, and percussive basslines from the depths of Chicago's electronic music scene. Guaranteed to hit just the low-end spot in a range of situations at 140 BPM.

Vocal Loops > Spot vocal drops and looped-up, pitched-down, melodic snippets perfect for generating hooks that last way into the night!

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