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Linda Audio Release FREE Saturation Plugin

Linda Audio releases InstaVibe - creative audio effect which can bring several kinds of modulation and distortion to your tracks. InstaVibe does not model any real hardware but it can be used for effects sonically similar to tape cassette (but it's not limited to).

InstaVibe includes four effect sections:


  • Tube distortion

  • Subtle harmonic enhancer


  • 3 profiles, each with a slightly different curve

  • Modes B and C add some additional distortion

  • Can also be turned off

  • LF and HF boost (resonance)

  • Age parameter (narrowing the EQ)


  • 5 different types of noise - 2 audio cassettes, 2 vinyl records, and brown noise

  • Possibility of dynamically controlling the noise level with the input signal

  • Adjustable noise pitch


  • Wow and scratch fluctuation

  • Adjustable stereo modulation width

  • Quad chorus with adjustable delay

InstaVibe also features Undo, Redo, A/B and 15 presets

System Support

Windows VST 2 and 3 (32/64Bit)

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