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Linda Audio releases FREE Hyperdrive for Windows Only Users.

Linda Audio releases Hyperdrive - versatile saturation effect with advanced filtering and modulation features. It can add warm tube saturation to your drums or vocals, it can add some nice distortion to your bass guitar or add some nice auto-wah before guitar amp with integrated envelope follower, or you can turn it into screaming modulated synth filter.

The core of Hyperdrive are three distortion models - one diode and two tubes. You can adjust its drive and bias and engage additional gain boost. Distortion goes from really subtle saturation to rich screaming distortion especially with the Tube 2 selected. You can adjust input signal gain, output gain and mix of dry and wet signal.

In the center of the plugin interface there are three filters - hi pass, low pass and peak filter. Each with adjustable frequency and resonance, peak filter has also peak gain (can boost or take off selected frequencies). Each filter can be engaged before or after distortion stage by the pre/post switch.

On the left side of the plugin interface there is envelope follower with adjustable attack and release times and sensitivity, while on the right side is LFO. LFO can be synchronized with host tempo or free and you can select from four shapes - sinus, square, saw or reverse saw. Speed of the free LFO can also be modulated by envelope follower.

Both envelope follower and LFO can modulate filter frequencies, peak filter gain and distortion drive. This can really bring things to life.

Hyperdrive also provides undo, redo, A/B and 20 presets.

System Support

▷ Windows Only (VST 2 32/64 Bit, VST 3)

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