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Lo-fi Playtime and Spread is on Sale !

Yum audio is currently running their February “Spread Love” sale and offering 30% on Lofi-playtime and Spread Plugins.

Playtime is a magical, unique plugin that allows you to literally play with time.

They took their virtual tape circuits and used them in a way that would be quite complex to re-create on an analog device.

The result is a very characterful and unique effect that you can use to pitch, reverse, or add delays and space to your audio.

Spread is an Indispensable tool to take the next stepping your Stereo Processing.Focus on any Frequency and exactly set it’s Width and Panning.Center your Tracks for more Focus or push them Wide for a great Stereo Scape.

If you buy any of these plugins in the month of February 2023 you get 30% off by using the coupon code WAVEFOUNDRY15

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