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Logic Pros Match Equaliser

The Match EQ is a learning EQ in Logic that learns the audio spectrum of an audio source and a reference source and finally matches the two together so that the original audio source sounds closer to the reference. Even though you won’t be able to get a 100% match to the reference, as a lot depends on the tonality of an instrument, vocals, or mix, like how it was recorded, microphones used, how it was processed, and so on, even getting a partial match will give you a great starting point to match instruments, vocals, or entire mixes .

Using Match Eq, you can analyse your mix , find similarities in the EQ curve between audio tracks, and fine tune your mix.


Using Match Eq is quite simple.The Analyser Section is a visual representation of the frequency spectrum of the audio source.

The Image below is where you choose and learn your track and reference track EQ curves and finally match the EQ curve to the reference curve

Using Match EQ

First Open the Plugin on your Audio Track as an Insert .

Next click on the learn button on the current tab and play the track . Match EQ will now learn the EQ curve of your Channel.

Second, we must get Match Eq to learn the EQ curve of our reference track. There are two ways to do this. The first option is to go to the Side Chain Option in the top right corner and select your reference track as your Side Chain Input.

Now Choose LEARN on your Reference TAB and Playback your reference track . Match Eq will now learn the EQ curve of your Reference Track.

Finally Remove your Side Chain and Click on MATCH on your EQ Curve TAB .

This will be the resulting EQ Curve adjusted by Learning Both the Current and Reference Track. An alternative way is you can simply drag and drop the reference audio file on to the plugin window to learn the EQ Curve as well.

With Channel Link you also have the ability to change the EQ curve of the Left and Right Channel Separately

With the Smoothening Option you can adjust the resolution of the Curves by moving the Smoothing Slider 👇🏾

You can also create Fade to the Extreme Lows and Highs of the Frequency Spectrum 👇🏾

You can also pull up and down a part of the spectrum by pulling up and down and by pressing SHIFT on your keyboard you can change the Q or Bandwidth 👇🏾

This plugin has a lot of potential like tone matching Instruments and Mixing . You can also try this out when Mastering when you are trying to match a song's tonal quality with your Master.

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