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Midilab Releases JC-303, A FREE Bass Synth

Price : FREE

JC303 is Bass Synthesizer Audio Plugin, clone of Roland TB-303. This project is a JUCE port of Robin Schmidt’s Open303 DSP engine, with a mission to make Open303 accessible across different platforms and plugin formats. Our goal is to provide musicians and producers with a seamless experience to harness the incredible power of the Open303 DSP engine.

Additionally, the JC303 project aspires to deliver a faithful clone emulation of the TB-303 step sequencer. We understand that the TB-303 isn’t just about its distinctive sound; it’s about the entire gear and the iconic sequencer that defines its unique character.


  • Pure Sound: Experience the authentic TB-303 sound reproduction.

  • Cross-Platform Compatibility: Available for Windows, MacOS, and Linux.

  • Plugin Versatility: VST3, LV2, and AU compatibility for seamless integration with your favorite DAWs.

  • Future-Ready: An evolving roadmap includes a faithful step sequencer, capturing the essence of the original TB-303 experience.

System Support

▷ Mac,Windows and Linux

VST3, LV2, and AU compatible

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