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Minima 2 - A FREE collection of New Instruments Every Month

Updated: Jan 27

Minima 2 is a wide and completely free collection of acoustic and electronic instruments, that answer the needs of modern productions.

Minima 2 is a self-sufficient tool for modern composers and producers, that includes Strings, Percussion, Prepared Pianos, Flutes, Vintage Synths, Bassesand much more.


  • Brush Piano – From Preparato Piano

  • Melodica

  • Piano Ebow

  • Rehearsal Piano

  • Brushes – from Piano Preparato (01/23)


  • Bass Drum

  • Carillon

  • Glass Hit


  • Amped Guitar

  • Strings Sul Tasto


  • Bells Key

  • Detune Strings

  • Harmonic Pad

  • Whale

  • Space E. Piano (01/23)

Winds and Choir:

  • Choir

  • Hulusi

System Requirement

Requires Kontakt Full 6.6.1 or higher

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