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ML Sound Lab Updates its Free ML Drums

ML Sound Lab Updates its Free ML Drums to 2.0.2

ML Drums features a free drum kit that includes:

  1. Kick T SCWB B91A 22"x16"

  2. Snare T SCWB 14"x5.5" (1 tuning)

  3. Snare T SCWB V1 14"x5.5" Mid

  4. Tom T SCWB 12"x8"

  5. Floor Tom T SCWB 14"x12"

  6. Hihat S AX Stage 14"

  7. Ride S HH Rock 20"

  8. Crash S AX 18"

  9. China S HX 20"

ML Drums is a modular drum sampler platform where the initial release comes with a free drum kit. Continue expanding the kit to your liking by purchasing the add-ons you are interested in. You can start expanding the kit with ML Drums Essentials and ML Drums Luxe.

System Support

available for macOS and Windows.

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