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MOLOSS 2 By Arthelion is Free for Windows Users

MOLOSS - Multi Oscillator Linear Open Source Synthesizer

The purpose of this synth is to emulate various 80's synths in a single relatively low CPU module.It combines 4 parallel polyphonic synths, also called Voices.

Each voice has multiple waveform generators that can be mixed, and can also be modulated in Frequency or Amplitude by another voice.

Each voice has 4 LFO and 3 envelope generators D-ADSR (Delayed ADSR).

Module parameters (VCO, VCF, VCA, Envelopes, LFO...) of all voices can be organized by groups to be synchronized together.

VCF embeds a Time Variant Filter with resonance, a high pass and a parametric band Eq. Voices can be splitted along the keyboard, or overlapped or stacked.

MOLOSS embeds an effect section with Chorus, Double delay and a simple reverb.

System Support

is available as a stand-alone exe or 32/64 bits VST (For Windows Only)

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