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Murst Instruments - Coda is Free for a Limited Time at Plugin Boutique

A collaboration between Murst and modular artist Cléry, this project focuses on the grey area between music and sound design where you can find exciting nuances in texture and timbre. The 350+ loops and one-shots can be used to start a track from scratch, or build complex risers and layered sound design. All of the loops have been recorded at 120bpm, and can be time-stretched in your DAW to fit your composition. Now including 35 presets for Ableton Live

Coda is a sample pack. So, all you need to start working with the CODA sample pack is a way of manipulating, layering or triggering audio. A computer/laptop with your favourite DAW is the perfect way to get cracking, or an audio sampler such as the Digitakt or even a granular processor like the Tasty Chips GR-1


  • Drum – pounding modular drums. Contains loops and one-shots created entirely with the Cléry modular system

  • Texture – is an exploration of granular synthesis, modular sound design elements, and drones

  • Synth – features West Coast atonal loops and more traditional arp and lead loops

  • Ambience – is a selection of re-worked pieces of granular sound design from Murst's instrument Glass

System Requirements

  • Approx 160MB of hard drive space

  • Broadband Internet connection required for product download

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