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New Nation Audio Releases 3 FREE plugins

New Nation Audio Releases three free plugins, Freelay,Freeverb and Sterfreeo for both Mac and Windows Users.

Freelay : Effortlessly dial in the perfect delay settings. With just a few adjustments, you can add depth, texture, and rhythmic movement to your tracks. Create dynamic guitar solos, add depth to vocals, or transform your synth lines into a swirling vortex of sound. From subtle echoes to intricate rhythmic patterns, you have complete control over the delay effect. Adjust parameters such as Left & Right Delay Time, Left & Right Feedback (Space), and Intensity with precision and hear your sounds come to life

Freeverb : Immerse your tracks in a world of captivating spaces and rich sonic environments. Embark on a journey of sound exploration, where the boundaries of creativity are expanded, and your music is transformed into a breathtaking auditory experience. Effortlessly dial in the perfect reverb settings. No complex configurations or steep learning curves—just pure simplicity and instant gratification. Grab this plugin for free and breathe air into your tracks.

Sterfreeo : Create a spacious and immersive soundstage that will captivate your listeners. Take your mixes from narrow and confined to wide and expansive, breathing new life into your music. Sterfreeocombines ease of use with exceptional performance. The single knob design ensures a streamlined workflow, allowing you to achieve incredible width enhancements with minimal effort. No need for complex settings or multiple controls—simply adjust the knob and let the magic unfold.

System Support

▷ Windows 10+ | Mac Mojave 10.14+

▷ VST3 | AU

Freelay 👇🏾 FreeVerb👇🏾 Sterfreeo👇🏾

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