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Noiseworks Release Free Transplit

TranSplit works by dividing your audio signal into transients and sustain. This separation process relies on TranSplit ability to prioritise frequencies, making it adept at handling everything from bass to high frequencies.

Furthermore, TranSplit provides users with the power to manage the balance between transients and sustain. This makes TranSplit an high recommended plugin for mixing drums, guitars, etc. and for sound design.

TranSplit features three modes that enable prioritisation of frequencies during the signal processing phase.

You have the choice to either accentuate the Bass, the Highs, or encompass the entire frequency band.

For example, this feature provides the flexibility to concentrate on the kick, snare, and toms, capturing their transients without any interference from the highs of the cymbals.

System Support

Mac (Supports Apple Silicon) and Windows

VST3, AU, and AAX

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