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Phuturetone's GR-8 is FREE at Pluginomat.

Price : FREE

The Phuturetone GR-8 is a classic synthesizer featuring an 8-voice virtual analog engine reminiscent of vintage Roland synths. With versatile voice modes including mono, unison, chord, and poly, it offers a range of creative possibilities. Its hands-on interface allows for quick sound design, featuring two analog-style oscillators, resonant lowpass and non-resonant highpass filters, and various modulation options. The synth also includes built-in effects such as EQ, distortion, phaser, chorus/flanger, delay, and reverb, as well as an arpeggiator with five modes. Please note that parameter automation IDs were changed in version 1.2.0, affecting automation compatibility with previous versions, but presets remain unaffected. Additionally, each preset has its own MIDI assignment, so saving presets after MIDI assignments is crucial to retain them.

System Support

▷ Mac and Windows

▷ VST3 | AU

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