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Pluginomat Releases Xenobyte by Sick Noise Instruments FREE for a Limited Period of Time !

Introducing Xenobyte! A cutting-edge VST3 Analog Hybrid Synthesizer by Sick Noise Instruments.Unlock the boundless creativity of Xenobyte, a versatile plugin designed to elevate your music across a spectrum of genres, including psytrance, dubstep, house, and all electronic styles. Xenobyte is not only a powerful tool but a thrilling one, promising hours of sonic exploration and pure enjoyment.Get your hands on Xenobyte today and embark on a sonic journey where there are no limits. Let your imagination run wild, create crazy textures, and craft unique soundscapes that will captivate your audience and take your music to the next level. Elevate your music production game with Xenobyte, the ultimate tool for sonic innovation and fun.

Price : FREE

System Support

▷ ST3 /64 bit(Windows)

▷ Audio Unit(AU) for Mac

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