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Recluse Audio Plugins are now FREE !

Recluse Audio has made all of their plugins completely free to download.

Take your pops and clicks to a new level with this revamped pulsar train generator! Enjoy the highest level of spectral precision that synthesis can offer. All the transcendental tools of Curtis Roads, Karlheinz Stockhausen, and many more now at your fingertips.

VST3 / AU formats

Simple, Easy, Sturdy, and low cost in processing power. Reflections is a powerhouse reverb/delay plugin that is designed to create swirling tails of hybrid digital signal processing. Consisting of a delay and a reverb module, Reflections allows the user to send audio between these modules. This creates a feedback loop between the delay and reverb which can enable 'no-input' mixing. Reflections was designed for vocal processing, and works exceptionally well when 'ducked' under the dry signal.

VST3 / AU formats

Put your overclocked GPU to use inside your DAW!!! This mesh visualizer implements OpenGL shaders from within your DAW in an audio-reactive fashion. Hook this up with a webcam to create visual elements to your content. Project these visual elements onto a backdrop for a more engaging live performance. Put this puppy to work!

Let this Flanger bring shimmering warble into your mix.

- Click and drag to create a vintage "touch" flange effect by hand for precision timing on a drum loop

- Set the modulating oscillators to ultra low, crank the feedback, and indulge your analog synth with a luscious shimmer.

- Transform a shy mono synth into an epic synth lead that creates a tidal wave of sound

- Turn your voice into an other-worldly sensation with frequency rate delay modulation

VST3 / AU formats

The original PULSAR! Although its GUI is a bit less friendly to the user, this baby will make pops and crackles just fine. A great option for those kicking the tires of pulsar synthesis.

This plugin may not have all the features of its updated counterpart, but PULSAR VINTAGE will always hold a special place in my heart. Completed as part of my graduate studies, this plugin will always take me back to long days at the Georgia Southern University in the chaotic summer of 2020.

A simple and straight-forward Sampler / Rompler

- Drag and drop .aiff, .wav, and .mp3 samples

- Sixteen 808 style kicks

- ADSR Envelope Controls

- Reactive and minimalist interface


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