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Rhodes Release RHODES V-PAN as a FREE Download

If you’re on a quest to add depth and dimension to your keyboard or synth, create mind-bending textures for your guitar, infuse ethereal FX sounds, or even give your vocals a unique twist, look no further than the V-Pan.

For decades, Rhodes has been a trailblazer in the world of music technology. In the 1970s, we introduced the iconic ‘vibrato’ stereo panning effect on the suitcase piano, setting the industry standard for innovation.


  • Directly modelled from the unique Rhodes MK8 hardware Vari-Pan circuit.

  • Left/Right panning LED’s.

  • Continuously variable waveform for maximum sonic flexibility.

  • Rate goes from super-slow right up into audio rates for synth-esque and ring mod-like effects.

  • Deep depth control.

  • Parameter value readout.

  • Waveform Slew and Smooth controls to further shape/customise the panning waveshape.

  • BPM sync.

System Support 

▷ Mac and Windows

▷ VST2, VST3, AU and AAX

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