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Safari Pedals Everything Bundle with 13 fantastic plugins !

Price : $130 (Originally $590

Join the wild side of audio and be part of the animals lovers club with our Everything Bundle. It's not just a bundle; it's a journey through diverse sonic landscapes, crafted for producers and engineers who dare to stand out. From intricate reverbs to dynamic distortions, we wildin!. Embrace the full spectrum of safari pedals with the Everything Bundle – where every pedal tells a story.

This bundle includes all of our plugins:

1. Gorilla Drive - Warm analog saturation in a plugin

2. Time Machine - Instant vintage compressor and filters

3. Yak Delay - Wild delay w/Dan Mayo

4. Flamingo Verb - 4 wild reverbs in one plugin

5. Lion Master - Mastering Limiter plugin

6. Fox Echo Chorus - Classic tape echo with a vintage vibe

7. Dirty Dog Reverb - Wild Reverb & Drive w/Joe Chiccarelli

8. Owl Control - 4 smart compressors in one wild plugin

9. Rhino Reverb - Vintage HiFi Reverb amp, with a wild twist

10. Dragon Eq - Wild 3 band eq with MS & Drive

11. Ladybug Reverb - LoFi Reverb machine

12. Rabbit Tape - Jungle Warmth Tape Distortion

13. Camel Strip - Wildin Channel Strip

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