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Salisbury Plugins Free Tonebox

Salisbury Tonebox is a powerful saturation and tone shaping tool that brings together the best of vintage warmth and modern precision. Designed for today’s producers and engineers, Tonebox allows you to shape your audio with the analog soul and digital precision needed to make recordings shine.

At the heart of Tonebox is its authentic saturation modeling system. This advanced system accurately emulates the harmonic richness and saturation of classic amplifiers, giving your tracks the warmth and vintage vibe that was once only achievable with very expensive gear. With Tonebox, you can infuse your audio with a warm and vintage character, elevating your recordings to a new level of musicality. Whether you’re aiming for nostalgic vibes or seeking to add that touch of vintage magic, Tonebox delivers.

But Tonebox doesn’t stop there. It also offers a 3-band EQ and tilt control, giving you the power to finely tweak and shape your sound. The 3-band EQ allows you to precisely adjust specific frequencies, while the tilt control provides an intuitive way to tilt the frequency balance of your audio. This combination of vintage-inspired saturation and versatile EQ controls gives you the tools to sculpt your tracks with unparalleled precision.

One of the standout features of Tonebox is its non-linear processing. This innovative feature introduces dynamic behavior that adds depth and character to your audio. From subtle saturation that adds warmth and dimension, to gritty distortion that pushes your sound to the edge, the non-linear processing in Tonebox opens up a world of sonic possibilities. It allows you to creatively shape and enhance your tracks, adding that extra touch of uniqueness and creativity.

Tonebox continues the legacy of tone shaping, providing today’s producers and engineers with the tools they need to achieve the perfect sound. With its combination of vintage warmth, precise EQ controls, and creative non-linear processing, Tonebox is the ultimate solution for adding high-fidelity polish and vintage musicality to your audio.

Experience the power of Tonebox and give your recordings the warmth, character, and vintage vibe they deserve.


⁃ Dual Mono Non-Linear Input Amplifier Emulation

⁃ Tilt Tone Control, A Tone Shaping Tilt Equalizer

⁃ Three Bands Of Fully Parametric EQ

⁃ High Pass Filter And Low Pass Filter

⁃ Gain Stage Button For -15dB Of Increased Headroom

⁃ HIGHDPI/RETINA Display Support

System Support

▷ Windows VST3 And Experimental MacOS AUv2 And VST3 Support

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