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Saschart Release Free Loudness Meter for Mac and Windows Users

SaschArt's Loudness meter is an user friendly audio plugin designed for loudness (LUFS) analysis with a visual interface contain five measuring bars. This plugin make analyzing per each channel and show the difference of left-right for optimal stereo balancing.

Key Features:

  • Information Label: Quickly view useful informations.

  • Target Loudness Slider: Effortlessly set your desired loudness target.

  • Target Setting Switch: Easily toggle between integrated, maximum short-term, or maximum momentary LUFS targets.

  • LUFS Value Boxes: Clearly displays LUFS values for all important parameters.

  • Data Memory Button: Retain data for the next play session.

  • Data Clear Button: Easily reset all data.

  • Audio Input Analysis Mode: Analyze loudness only when audio input is detected, even without playback.

System Support

Mac and Windows

VST2 | VST 3 | AU

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