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Slate Machine Release Bit Flip as a FREE Download

BitFlip is the cheat code you’ve been looking for. Packed full of MIDI effects to animate your next musical idea. From the arpeggiator to chord generator you won’t be short of new avenues to explore.Featuring a broad range of audio effects, sound design is on easy mode with BitFlip. Add pixelated textures with four styles of lo-fi reverb, or grind the sounds even further with the bitcrusher.

Slate Machine has partnered with 8UP to load BitFlip full of authentic 8-bit sounds, captured from a variety of retro gaming systems and vintage computers.

With 40 presets, and 20 source sounds to blend and shape there is a whole universe of possibilities to discover. 

System Support 

▷ macOS Mojave 10.14 and above | Windows 10 (64bit), version 2004 and above


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