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Soundiron Releases FREE Aquae Organ.

Those who know Soundiron know that we always like to pull out all the stops when we record any instrument to properly capture it in its full glory. And being the strange fellows that we are, we always experiment a little along the way to see if we can uncover any hidden magic. So we decided to go on a little side-quest while producing our Alpha Organ library featuring the two distinct century-old full-sized pipe organs built into Saint Paul’s Catholic Church in San Francisco. Given this rare opportunity, we wanted to try pulling something a little more unusual from the old mic locker to capture something new in our favorite hall: a stereo pair of high-grade hydrophones. We’re calling our strange result the Aquae Organ.

Soundiron recorded three different organ stop combinations with the Alpha and Omega organs in unison, each intended to highlight a different aspect and distinct tonal quality of the phenomenon. From those source recordings, we then used all of our various sound-design tricks and secrets to develop, bend and warp the sounds from our journey into a variety of pads, atmospheres, synth-like leads and ambient dreamscapes, ranging from lush and harmonic to brittle and discordant, in order to expand this virtual instrument’s creative potential further. We’ve also included 12 wavetables, as well as basic synthesizer sustains and staccatos in a number of distinct waveform shapes to transform the sounds and open up new realms of musical possibility.

Price : FREE

System Support

▷ Made for the free Kontakt Player (version 7.1.8+)

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