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Stone Voices Releases FREE DReverb Lite

DReverb Lite (Lite version of DReverb) — free VST2/VST3/AU plug-in for creating high quality algorithmic reverbs. A feature of this plugin, like other reverbs from Stone Voices, is a wide range of reverb times (up to 100 seconds), as well as low CPU consumption. The difference from the full version is a reduced number of controls, respectively, a slightly smaller set of features. However, in most cases of using the plugin, this is enough.


High quality reverb algorithm.

Low CPU usage.

64 bit sound processing (double precision).

Wide range of decay time 0.1..100 s.

20 factory presets.

Scalable interface based on vector graphics.

Functions for working with presets and banks.

System Requirement

Windows 7, 8, 8.1, 10, 11.

macOS 10.11 and newer.


Download Here

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