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Superfly DSP's free Lost Sampler

Lost-sampler is a digital Lofi effect.

Developed at the end the 20th century, digital memory is the most recent medium used for music reproduction. First samplers used low bitdepth digital memory and low samplerate digital-analog converter.

Lost-sampler is intended to track down the distortion of these first samplers, through their main digital artefacts like jitter, subsampling and bitcrushing. Plugins can be used mainly on instruments (like guitar, vocals or keyboards.), but also on stem track like drum-kit or stacked chord track. Good to know, with the bitcrusher section, the more the input signal amplitude is large, the less there is distortion. Conversely on subsampling section, higher frequency content lead to frequency foldback (aliasing).

System Support

Windows 7/8/10/11 – Linux 64bit – MacOs

Plugin format : VST3 – AudioUnit

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