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Tugrulakyuz Release FREE TugMultiEffect

TugMultiEffect is a versatile audio plugin designed to enhance the sound of audio recordings. it features 11 different effects, which are represented by boxes on the main window of the plugin. These effects include tools such as delay, chorus, reverb, distortion, and more.

One of the standout features of TugMultiEffect is its ability to route and connect these effects in various ways. This means that users can experiment with different combinations of effects and create unique soundscapes that suit their needs. The routing system is flexible and easy to use, allowing users to drag and drop connections between the different effects boxes:

  • Reverb.

  • Delay.

  • Chorus.

  • Decimator.

  • Distortion.

  • Phaser.

  • Pitchshifter.

  • Combfilter.

  • Vibrato.

  • Tremolo.

  • Filtre (Moog type/ self resonance).

System Support

PC and Mac users (VST3).

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