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Venus Theory Releases Free Decent Sampler Library - Solaris

Price : FREE

Welcome to Solaris, a new Decent Sampler library harnessing the raw chaotic power of the Elta Music Solar 42 - a ridiculously cool looking chaotic analog ambient drone synthesizer.

This collaboration with Elta Music plunges into a world of dark, cinematic soundscapes and palpable tension. Crafted around capturing the essence of what I love from the Solar 42, Solaris delivers a distinct sonic character brimming with haunting beauty. Each drone and texture was meticulously shaped through the...well...chaotic processing of the swappable 'chip' effects units, resulting in a sound palette that seamlessly blends the organic with the liminal.

Solaris was designed to inject evocative sonic landscapes into your creative projects. Whether you're a film composer seeking to score a desperate thriller, a game designer crafting immersive sci-fi atmospheres, or an electronic musician wanting to add some otherworldly dimensions to your next sonic disaster, Solaris offers a versatile and 100% free tool to elevate your creations to new and unexpected heights.

System Support

▷ Requires FREE Decent Sampler

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