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Viator DSP releases FREE Graphic Eq

Introducing the Viator Graphic EQ: Your Ultimate Analog Emulation Graphic EQ Plugin

Unlock the true potential of your audio with Viator Graphic EQ, a plugin designed to bring the classic character of analog EQ hardware right to your digital audio workstation. Whether you're a professional producer, mixing engineer, or an aspiring musician, this plugin will overcharge your audio processing experience.

Dynamic Filter Bandwidth: Taking emulation to a whole new level, Viator Graphic EQ's dynamic filter bandwidth feature ensures an exceptionally accurate representation of analog hardware behavior. As you raise the gain positively, the filter bandwidth slightly narrows, producing a harmonically pleasing and organic sound. When lowering the gain negatively, the bandwidth narrows even further, granting you precise control over your audio like never before.

10-Band Precision: Viator Graphic EQ offers an impressive 10 bands of equalization, granting you the flexibility to sculpt and shape your audio with surgical precision. Each band is optimized to cover a broad frequency range, allowing you to tame problematic frequencies, enhance essential elements, and unleash your creativity with unmatched control.

Lowpass & Highpass Filters: Craft smooth and seamless transitions in your audio by utilizing the built-in lowpass and highpass filters. Whether you want to add a touch of warmth to your mix or eliminate unwanted rumble and hiss, these filters are the perfect tools to clean up your audio and make it shine.

Intuitive Input & Output Controls: I understand that a seamless workflow is crucial for any audio professional. That's why Viator Graphic EQ comes with a user-friendly interface, providing intuitive input and output controls. Easily adjust your audio levels to achieve the perfect balance while maintaining the highest audio quality throughout your signal chain.

Real-time VU Meter: Stay informed and in control of your audio levels with the real-time VU meter. The VU meter provides accurate visual feedback, allowing you to monitor your audio's dynamics and make informed decisions during the mixing process.

Take your audio production to new heights with Viator Graphic EQ's unparalleled analog emulation, dynamic filter bandwidth, 10-band precision, lowpass and highpass filters, and real-time VU meter. Embrace the character of analog while enjoying the convenience of digital with this must-have graphic EQ plugin. Elevate your sound today with Viator Graphic EQ!

System Support

▷ Windows and Mac version, AU and VST3

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