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ViatorDSP Releases New and Free Radiant - Q

Radiant Q is a Tube Styled EQ plugin.

Radiant Q Key Features:

  1. Vintage Tube Elegance: Radiant Q encapsulates the unmistakable warmth and richness of vintage tube hardware, offering an authentic analog experience that infuses your audio with soulful character and depth.

  2. Musical Precision: Craft your audio with finesse using Radiant Q's finely tuned EQ curves. This plugin brings a gentle, musical touch to your sound shaping, ensuring that your tracks maintain their natural essence while allowing you to sculpt and enhance them with precision.

  3. Intuitive User Interface: Radiant Q's user-friendly interface is designed for effortless operation. Its intuitive controls empower both seasoned professionals and newcomers to harness the power of vintage EQ with ease.

  4. Limitless Creativity: Whether you're sweetening vocals, adding warmth to instruments, or sculpting your mix, Radiant Q is your creative companion. Its versatility spans across genres, making it an essential tool for any music producer or audio engineer.

  5. Time-Tested Excellence: Inspired by the classics but offering modern convenience, Radiant Q embodies the best of both worlds. It's your gateway to the time-tested excellence of vintage tube EQ without compromise.

Unlock the Radiant Q experience and rediscover the art of audio refinement. Transform your music with the timeless allure of tube-based EQ, one shimmering note at a time.

System Support

▷ Mac: Universal (Rosetta and Silicon) Audio Unit (component) and VST3 - 64 bit

▷ Windows: VST3 - 64 bit

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