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ViatorDSP's FREE LV-50A Parametric EQ

Introducing the LV-50A!

Dive into the sonic legacy of the past while harnessing the power of the future with the LV-50A. Crafted to capture the essence of revered hardware EQ's.


1. Vintage Analog Reverence: faithfully replicates the four bands of classic hardware EQ's, ensuring an authentic and seamless transition to crafting your sound in the digital realm.

2. Precise Four-Band Control: Shape your audio with precision using the four carefully modeled bands. Every band offers customizable Gain, Q, and Cutoff parameters, giving you the ability to sculpt your sound with the authenticity of the hardware original.

3. Time-Honored Filters: Stay true to tradition with the integrated highpass and lowpass filters. Craft your audio with finesse, maintaining clarity and removing unwanted frequencies.

4. Analog-Style VU Meter: Keep an eye on your levels using the analog-style VU meter. Witness your sound come to life as it responds dynamically in real-time, reminiscent of the analog days.

5. Intuitive Analog Interface: Navigate the plugin effortlessly with an interface designed to mirror the analog experience. Immerse yourself in the charm of vintage aesthetics while enjoying modern convenience.

System Support

▷ Mac: Universal (Rosetta and Silicon) Audio Unit (component) and VST3 - 64 bit

▷ Windows: VST3 - 64 bit

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