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Vox Samples Release FREE delay Plugin " Time Turtle" for Windows

Price : FREE

Time Turtle is Vox Samples' FREE Delay Plugin. The sound is described as smooth, clean and rich. This plugin will be your favourite tool for making echo, doubling and slapback!

Designed with 2 main knobs as its focus: Time and Feedback, you can easily tweak the delay to taste. Time Turtle features sync-to-tempo, so you can always trust that the delay is in the correct BPM.

To create more character, simply add in Low Cut & High Cut Filters. This will instantly create more depth and make the echoes mellower. Adjust the Mix knob to get the desired blend of input and delays.

Underneath the Feedback knob is the Ping Pong Toggle. This will turn the delay to one of the most fun and memorable delays used in music production!

System support

▷Windows (64 Bit Only)

▷ VST 3

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I tried 3 times, my computer says it's a virus and won't let me download it.😥

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