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Vox Samples Release FREE saturation plugin, Fat Cat.

Fat Cat is a FREE Saturation & Distortion Plugin for Vocals. Add color and warmth to your vocals, or crank it up as a distortion effect, Fat Cat will be your new favourite Vocal Saturation Plugin.

Modelled and fine-tuned from modern analog tube preamp, Fat Cat adds harmonic distortion that is musical and pleasing to the ears. Make your vocals phat by simply turning the Drive knob up! Be careful though, Fat Cat can get really thick really quickly.

Fat Cat starts of with a gentle preamp saturation. Turn up the Drive knob and you will start getting warm saturation/distortion that is perfect for bring the vocals to the front of the mix. Crank up the Drive knob and Fat Cat will turn into a soft clipper, to get that really warm and crunchy distortion.

Use the Mix knob to blend in the original unsaturated signal so you get a more natural sound (parallel saturation). If you find your volume becoming too loud, you can always turn down the Vol (Volume) knob.

Price : FREE

System Support

▷ Windows (64 Bit Only)

▷ VST 3

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