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Vox samples release free - Wider Tiger Plugin

Price : FREE

Wider Tiger is an in-phase stereo enhancer plugin. It creates a musical stereo field, even on mono sounds. What's special is that it is fully mono-compatible! No phase issues/Haas effect will be added, no matter how wide you go.

Featuring 3 simple knobs, Wider Tiger allows you to control the Width, Low Bypass and Pan Amount. The Low Bypass knob is especially useful when you want the kick or bass to remain in mono.

There is also a Mono toggle, so you're always 100% certain that it is mono-compatible.

Increase the width of your sound by up to 300%! Because the additional stereo width added will always cancel each other out when summed to mono, your mix will translate to any speaker or headphones. Go wild like the tiger!

System Support

▷ Mac and Windows

▷ VST3 | AU

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