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Vox Samples Release New Stutter Master Beat Repeater at an Intro Price !

Price : $24.99 (Originally $189.99)

The Best Stutter & Glitch effect plugin, Stutter Master Beat Repeater is an easy-to-use plugin that creates professional sounding audio slicing effect.

Stutter Master features 2 main knobs: "Stutter" and "Refresh". "Stutter" knob controls how fast you want the stutter/beat repeater effect to run, while "Refresh" knob controls how fast you'd like the stutter to update with new input signal. The 2 "Sync" buttons underneath "Stutter" and "Refresh" allows you to choose between setting miliseconds or in terms of project BPM.

Note that the beat repeater will start receiving signals and calculate the times according to the position of your playhead (The long vertical line) in your DAW. First place your playhead at the starting position before playing/bouncing.

Using automation in your DAW in conjunction with this plugin will allow you to create more complex and interesting sounding combinations. However, due to the nature of this plugin, everytime the "Stutter" or "Refresh" parameters are changed the beat repeater effect will refresh/start again.

"Mix" and "Output" knobs are also included for you to adjust the Dry/Wet signal and output volume to taste.

System Support

▷ Windows (64-bit only): VST3

▷ macOS (64-bit only): VST3, AU

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