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Vox Samples Release Rocket Riser at an Introductory Price !

Price : $21.99 (Originally $139.99)

Professional Whooshes, Sweeps, Risers and Downers at your fingertips: Rocket Riser Sweep Maker is the best noise manipulation effect plugin. As an effect plugin, add this to your instrument track to layer on top of your existing sounds, or make sweeps from scratch like an instrument.

Featuring 2 main knobs: "Noise" adjusts the volume of noise introduced, while "Freq" changes the center frequency. To make the riser of downer sweeping effect, simply automate or move the "Freq" knob up or down.

"Tone" knob lets you choose between White, Pink or Brown noises to suit your mix, while "Mix" knob adjusts the dry/wet blend between your existing sounds in your track and the noise generated in Rocker Riser Sweep Maker plugin.

"Width" knob adjusts the q-factor, increasing it will make the noise sound more "sharp". Use the "Peak" knob to increase peak volume to both the exisiting sounds in your track and the noise generated in this plugin, creating a more cohesive sounding mix.

System Support

▷ Windows (64-bit only): VST3

▷ macOS (64-bit only): VST3, AU

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