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Waves Audio's manny marroquin eq is FREE For 48 Hrs !

Waves Audio is offering manny marroquin eq Free for 48 Hrs as a gift to celebrate Jason Yadlovsky reaching 100k Subscribers.

10x Grammy winner Manny Marroquin’s secret to creative equalization is to pick specific EQ curves from 6 different go-to vintage equalizers. Now, we’ve combined his “greatest hits” frequency curves from all 6 EQs into one dazzling plugin.The switch-selected frequencies in vintage EQs were chosen for deliberate musical reasons, so imagine 34 frequency curves hand-picked by a superstar mixer—that’s Manny Marroquin EQ.

Price : FREE for 48 Hrs

Check out Jason Yadlovsky's Channel Here -

System Support

▷ MacOs 10.5 + | Windows 10 (64bit), Windows 11


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