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Waves MetaFilter offered as a gift for Black Octopus subscribers!

MetaFilter transforms filtering into a creativity machine—with 6 different modes, envelope following, LFO and sequencer control, drive and bit-crushing options, delay, sidechain, and MIDI learn. MetaFilter makes synths, drums, guitars, bass, and samples of all types breathe, move, and excite.

Have MetaFilter add subtle animation, or go for sequenced resonance and wild LFO textures. Shovel some dirt on the sound, or keep it clean—from DJ to sound design, MetaFilter does it all.


  • 5 filter curves (HP, LP, BP, notch, comb) and VCA

  • Multiple modulation sources for cutoff, resonance, delay time

  • Envelope-follow the input, or an external sidechain

  • LFO for sweeps or wobbles, with 5 waveforms (including random)

  • Sequencer with 1 to 16 steps, variable level, swing, and sync

  • Delay with analog sound option, offset left and right channels

  • Rough up the audio with saturation and bitcrushing

  • Over 90 carefully crafted presets get you up and running fast

System Support

▷ macOS Catalina 10.15, Big Sur 11, Monterey 12, Ventura 13

▷ Windows 10 64 bit,Windows 11

AAX Native, Audiosuite,VST3,AU

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