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Yum Audio's Dynamic Bundle is 61% OFF at ADSR !

From Yum Audio's kitchen to your studio comes the Dynamics Bundle- add The Grater for some edge or to shred up your tracks, turn up the heat with Crispy Clip (served hard or soft), and garnish with a sprinkle of precisely controlled sounds shaped by The Extractor

Price : $99 (Was 257)

The Grater – Break your sound with raw power – The key to extreme audio punch and destruction

The Grater is a powerful audio plug-in that allows you to compress and shape your audio like never before. With its unique set of controls, The Grater can take your audio to the next level by adding punch and power or by creatively destroying and mangling your sound. Whether you’re a mixing engineer looking to add punch to your drums or a sound designer looking for new ways to mangle your audio, The Grater has you covered.

Crispy Clip – Your Gateway to Absolute Clipping Accuracy

Welcome to the next era of audio shaping and clipping with Crispy Clip, designed to deliver a refined sound by seamlessly blending diverse clipping characteristics. Discover the tonal nuances between soft and hard clipping using the Shape parameter, and combine processed and unprocessed signals effortlessly with Mix Control for a customized audio experience.

Extractor – Easily Extract the Frequencies You Need – Transform a noisy loop into a tight sample

From precise sound extraction to full on beat transformation

Use Transient mode to extract specific hits or tighten up complex synth and percussive patterns. Use Beats mode to be time locked with your DAW and, for example, only keep the kick drum in an otherwise busy loop.

System Support

▷ macOS 10.13 or higher (Intel / M1 Apple Silicon supported) (64-bit only)

▷ Windows 10 or higher (64-bit only)


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