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Capsule Audio's - FREE Nightfall!

Plugin Boutique is giving Capsule Audio's Night fall for FREE for a limited time. The offer ends November 1st 2022.

Scary sounds to haunt your nightmares, the suspenseful instruments of Nightfall cover twisted timbres, inspired by movies from Alien to Zombieland.

64 nerve-shredding presets include ominous drones, creepy pianos, orchestral shocks, eerie bells, and pulsating pads. Ideal for musicians who need to shock and surprise, these sounds are perfect for macabre modern scoring, blood-soaked beats, or even hard-hitting horror trap. Nightfall strikes just the right balance between frights and delights.

To Use Nightfall and other interesting sounds from capsule audio you will need to download Capsule's FREE Capsule Portal desktop application

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