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FREE GrandpianoXXL by Audiolatry

Grand Piano XXL is a free virtual piano instrument plugin (ROMpler) featuring a sampled Yamaha C5 6’7″ Grand Piano. All the samples were captured in 48kHz 24bit audio quality with 16 velocity layers which are all present in this virtual plugin, hence the 1.19 GB size on disk.The GUI is simple and intuitive with attack & release controls, reverb module, and gain. In the middle, there’s a “Tremolo” section with LFO rate & depth for pitch, expression, and pan, plus filter cutoff with selectable lowpass/highpass. You will also notice a “Key” knob – that’s the gain for piano keys release.


sampled Yamaha C5 Grand Piano

16 velocity layers per sampled note

keys release noises

48kHz 24bit audio quality

1.19 GB size on disk

attack & release

LFO modulation with rate & depth

filter cutoff (lowpass & highpass)

reverb module

global volume

System Requirements

El Capitan or later [VST2, VST3 or AU 64-bit host]

Windows 8.1 64-bit or later [VST2 or VST3 64-bit host]

Download Here 👇🏾

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