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FREE String Sampled Instrument

RGD AUDIO'S WMD Strings is a HQ String Sampled Library where all keys have been sampled individually and looped. It comes with TWO Presets Normal and Slow Strings. Perfect for Staccato Articulation or producing rich hybrid Legato string sounds. From Attack and Release you can adjust and shape basic Strings. From LFO Modulation section you can add LFO depth and Rate. Also this Instrument includes REVERB, LOW PASS FILTER and TUNING Knobs. New RDG File format. All major DAW Supported.


high quality string samples

staccato & slow strings

velocity sensitive

free factory content

new .rdg file format supported

attack, release , tune, amp & filter section

lfo rate & depth for string modulation

plate reverb

System Requirements

windows 8 &10

latest mac osx

AU for Mac and VST3 for PC in 64 bits format

Download Here 👇🏾

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