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Higher Hz Release FREE HZBOX

Hz Box is a free algorithmic soundbox emulator plugin that adds character by changing the timbral quality of any sound. The plugin can help define a sound’s place in your mix by giving it the richness and depth it needs.

Hz Box can also bring flat sounds to life with a little brightness and just the right amount of sparkle. Since we’re taking the concept of what a real-world soundbox does to sound, Hz Box can make subtle character changes or create an entirely new tonal profile.

Hz Box adds depth and richness by emulating some of that tone-shaping soundbox magic.

A dreadnought guitar has certain expected tonal qualities, including strong lows, bite in the midrange, and crisp highs. These common characteristics are largely thanks to its popular body shape (soundbox), which helps define the guitar’s tonal profile.

The soundbox vibrates at the same frequency as the string, which sets the surrounding air molecules into vibrational motion. In simpler terms, the size and shape of the soundbox, the airflow, and various other elements contribute to the overall sound.

An acoustic guitar is a perfect example of a soundbox in action, but we can think similarly about the relationship between a speaker and an amplifier cabinet.

The point of our algorithmic emulation isn’t to simply recreate the resonance of a dreadnought or mimic an amp cabinet; it’s to provide the response of a user-defined virtual soundbox on any given sound.

Every sound/source will interact uniquely with your parameter settings, making Hz Box the perfect plugin for infinite tweaking and experimentation.

Why use Hz Box?

You can use Hz Box to create the following results/effects:

  • soundbox emulation,

  • tone/timbre changes,

  • chorus,

  • phaser,

  • reverb.

The tagline Algorithmic Soundbox Emulator sounds like it should be describing something pretty complex, and in some ways, it is. But, like all of our plugins, we created Hz Box to deliver all manner of weird and wonderful results in the most straightforward way for users.

You can use the plugin to add simple and subtle effects to a sound, or you can use it to alter the entire DNA of a sound through any number and level of the above mentioned effects.

As stated, Hz Box is perfect for experimentation, and as such, it rewards users who spend more time getting to know and understand the plugin with incredible results.

Creating a tonal profile

The user-friendly interface has four sections:

  • Input drive & Clip,

  • Resonators,

  • Modulation,

  • Mixer.

The Resonators section is where much of the magic happens because that’s where you create your tonal profile. It has four tone sliders, each representing a band-pass filter that you can pan left or right.

These four band-pass filters work in parallel, creating an opportunity for phase interference as/if they cross over. How you blend these four tone sliders will determine the tonal profile you create.

You can also adjust each band’s width and sweep the position of all bands simultaneously. You can invert any or all bands if you need to make a more significant timbre change.

Key features

  • Intuitive GUI,

  • Input drive & Clip,

  • Build a new tonal profile,

  • Up to 32x oversampling,

  • 7 factory presets.

System Support

▷ 64-bit AU, VST 2.4, and VST 3 formats for macOS and Windows.

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