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Lindel Audio MBC is FREE !

Plugin Alliance has release Lindell Audio MBC Compressor. MBC Compressor is a Multi-Band version of Lindell Audios SBC Compressor.

You can now get MBC Compressor FREE by purchasing SBC Compressor which is also on sale at $29 from $299

This offer is valid till 14th Feb, 2023.


Faithful emulation of the API® 2500 compressor and 2520 Op Amp with three compressor bands: Low, Mid and High

Flexible crossover selection for custom tailoring your frequency bands

A suite of useful presets for all major applications and instrument groups

Full variable wet/dry Mix knob

Unique filter section provides the option of low cut and high boost for precisely targeted compression

Variable link between left and right channels

Select older "feed back" or more modern "feed forward" compression

Added “NUKE” option for even more aggressive compression

Selectable ratio, attack and release times

Soft, medium or hard knee for gentler or sharper compression tones

Auto and manual gain make up

Download Here

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