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Press Play Releases Free Limiter Plugin

Wave Breaker is a true-peak stereo limiter designed to provide high levels of transparency and instant visual feedback for a seamless workflow. It uses the design concepts and waveform display engine from Wave Observer to create a mixing and mastering tool for audio professionals and enthusiasts alike.


Transparency. Precise true-peak detection, look-ahead audio analysis, and a 4x oversampled processing architecture allow you to preserve the natural character of your audio content, even at high gain reduction values.

Sound adjustment. Fine-tune the limiter settings to bring out the character you want or add a touch of saturation to handle peaks more aggressively.

Intuitive workflow. With a large input signal display, a gain reduction scope, true-peak level meters, and an automatically zoom-adjusted output waveform you can effortlessly configure all limiter parameters and visually evaluate results in real-time.

Gain control. Adjust the input gain to drive the limiter at a desired threshold level and control the output gain using two different modes. You can choose between a manual compensation mode or target peak-level normalization.

Customization. Choose from a range

System Support

Mac and Windows

VST/VST3 and AU plugin formats

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