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Reflex Acoustics Release Automatic Compressor as a FREE download !

AutomaticLite is a simplified, free version of their AutomaticDynamic plugin. It's an automatic compressor that's effortless to calibrate to your material.

There are no dials for threshold or make-up gain—because these are automatic. Thus the device stays configured and delivers a consistent dynamic signature, even as your material gets louder and quieter.

The plugin also sounds great, with proprietary gain-reduction dynamics designed to preserve transients.



  • Automatic compression threshold—use the "Compression" knob to control how far the threshold rides below the peaks in your signal

  • Adjustable compression rataio (1–4x) and attack/release times

  • Simple automatic gate with adjustable range up to 6dB

  • Parallel processing via gain-matched dry/wet mix control

  • Automatic make-up gain to match perceived loudness

  • Mid-side processing (100% unlinked)

System Support

▷ Mac and Windows


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