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Seven Free Plugins for Mixing - 2024

Check out some great Free Plugins for Mixing !

Wave Breaker - Press Play Music

Wave Breaker is a true-peak stereo limiter designed to provide high levels of transparency and instant visual feedback for a seamless workflow. It uses the design concepts and waveform display engine from Wave Observer to create a mixing and mastering tool for audio professionals and enthusiasts alike.

System Support

Mac OS X 10.14 or higher (compatible with both Intel and ARM processors)

▷ Windows 10 (Windows 7 could work, but is not officially supported)

▷ VST2, VST3, AU

Free Suite - Venn Audio 

Free Suite is a completely free, performant, light weight, resizeable, zero fuss set of cross-platform audio plugins. All the tools needed to fully mix a track to professional standards. No registration needed, simply download and enjoy

The Suite Contains Free Clip,Free Comp,Free Convolve,Free Delay,Free Eq, Free Gain,Free Meter,Free Pan and Free Tone

System Support

Windows, Mac, Mac M1 native and Linux

▷ VST3, AU and AAX

Peak Eater - Vladyslav Voinov

PeakEater is a free, easy-to-use wave-shaping plugin. PeakEater lets you choose between different wave-shaping functions to clip everything above ceiling level. Therefore, you can boost the overall volume of your track safely without worrying that some nasty peak would go above the maximum allowed volume level of your DAW. It supports various features such as multiple clipping types, oversampling and visualizations of a clipping process that aims to make clipping easy and fun.

System Support

Windows, Mac


Blind Fold EQ - Audio Thing

Blindfold EQ is a freeware EQ plugin inspired by a quote by Matt Wallace from the book Recording Unhinged by Sylvia Massy.

It has 4 bands (LowShelf, LowMid, HighMid, HighShelf), but each knob is blind. There are no indicators or numbers to show frequency values, gain values or Q values.

System Support

Windows, Mac, Linux

VST, VST3, AU, AAX, CLAP, 64-bit only

Xtressor Nuke - Kiive Audio 

The XTMax was developed by Kiive Audio using its own modeling techniques, and one of the products studied was the DISTRESSOR by Empirical Labs which is not affiliated with Kiive Audio.

System Support

▷ MacOS | 64bit / M1 Native: VST3, AU, AAX

▷ Windows | 64bit: VST3, AAX

BritBundle - Analog Obsession

  • BritChannel is a Classic British Equalizer & Preamp with Mic/Line option with a 3 band EQ, a fixed frequency high shelf, and low shelf a midrange bell and a high pass filter.

  • Britpressor is a classic British Compressor/Limiter with a wet/dry control and the facility to externally side chain.

  • BritPre is a classic British Mic/Line Preamp with Lowpass and Highpass filters. It has two modules with independent bypass. Also, it has phase invert button.

System Support

▷ Windows and macOS

▷ VST, AU and AAX plugin, Apple Silicon compatible

VPRE-72 - Fuse Audio Labs

Fuse Audio Labs is a number one source for truly analog sounding plugins designed for the daily demands of real-world musicians and engineers. The company was founded in 2017 by Reimund Dratwa, a deeply knowledgeable expert in translating complex analog topologies into top notch DSP code. Over the years, Reimund has created a huge portfolio of leading modeling titles for brands like ACME, Black Box Analog Design, Black Rooster Audio, Elysia, Millennia, Neold, Vertigo, and many others available on Plugin Alliance and the UAD-2 platform, while his very own designs remain 100% pure Fuse Audio Labs.

System Support

▷ Windows and macOS

▷ VST2, VST3, AU and AAX plugin.


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