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Soldier Sound Release FREE S Pulser

Enhance your music with this user-friendly plugin, designed to help you effortlessly create captivating and rhythmic melodies. Ideal for music producers, sound designers, musicians, and DJs alike, this versatile tool is available for free download. Give it a try and explore new ways to streamline your music-making process.


Simply create rhythm and pulses for any kinds of sound.

Enhance the ambiance of your reverb tracks with a distinctive and unique reverb pulse effect.

Create more unique FX sounds.

Design unique sound effects either for your music or film score.

Transform your chord progressions into an exciting and rhythmic masterpiece with ease.

Simply apply side chain ducking effect to your sound.

Apply unique pulse effect to the mid or side frequencies of your stereo tracks separately.

Simply make your melodies sound cooler...

System Support

Windows: Windows 7 - Windows 11 Mac: macOS High Sierra (10.13) and up. Intel, M1 & M2 chip

Plugin Formats VST, VST3, AU 32-bit and 64-bit

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